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Final Appraisal for Web Marketing, Spring of 2010

Final Appraisal for Web Marketing, Spring of 2010

From the point of registration last semester, I was told that this was going to be a very challenging class and that I should wait until I was about to graduate because it was going to use everything that I had in my bag of tricks to make it through this class. I will agree that it was a challenging class, with a lot of high expectations and it indeed used everything that I have learned in web design up until the tenth week of class. However, I am finding that it is more and more necessary to take Mr. Pinto’s classes in marketing and career development, because with each class I develop money making strategies that will only help improve my resume and my chances of either making it on my own as a freelancer or scoring the high profile position in web marketing. So much of what I need is to be able to find ways to make money and to apply the skills that I am learning in JavaScript, Action script 3, HTML and CSS. What is the point to taking these classes if you cannot apply them to some project that you could easily present to an employer and say this is what I can do?

To teach us how to seduce, delight, and get that carrot of an email on the end of the stick is what I learned. To quote the syllabus “…addressing the elements and requirements of information distribution, advertising, or sales in this new medium.” I believe whole heartedly is what I received and more. The choice of class book is excellent and easy to read. I liked reading together in class, rather than suffer it alone at home with no motivation. It’s like have a trainer for working out, they make sure they get the results that are needed always keeping the end goal of total fitness in mind. They know what the end looks like if you put the effort in and see it to the end instead of quitting. Mr. Pinto has surely whipped me into shape and having seen the previous movie obsession websites, I feel very confident in the efforts that I have put into the class will be rewarded.

This was the first time that I actually put something of my own creation up live on the web for the world to see, so this class “busted” my cherry on that note, and it was about time. Now I have three projects in the pipe that I will be making money on and it is all because I have the confidence in web marketing. When I talk to my new clients, I speak with confidence that I can raise their level of expectations and provide a full package that must also include social media networks and take advantage of cross positioning on partner sites.

The Midterm project and the Final Exam was the first class that I ever had that tied the two together to create one monster of a resume level piece. The concept is truly marketable and I don’t know why I couldn’t take this to another city and city and build a name for myself.

I wished we spent a little more time with social networking tie ins and not so much MySpace. I think that because Face Book is now everywhere that it should be included in the class. I am also glad that we did not use eBay.

For my grade Mr. Pinto, I will say that I deserve an “A” due to that I was diligent in working on the midterm and final every day, finishing my EOC’s on a timely manner, and my reading skills are awesome too, just kidding. I brought my hits up on both the corporate and movie obsession site from 60 hits to over 400 in just a couple of weeks just by changing my description for the website.  My only weakness was my MySpace and I can fix that, but I want to tie it in with a FaceBook page.

Web Marketing Final with Links

Here are my links:

MySpace  Professional profile

My Kick-Ass Super Hero Movie Website  This is my movie obsession website

Las Vegas Red Carpet Events  This is my Corporate website

YouTube My logo with after effects

Thank you!

EOC Week 10

Chapter 19

Paul Meyers is a copywriter, consultant and the publisher of TalkBiz News one of the internet's oldest email based business newsletters.
In this Chapter we cover:
  1. What spam is
  2. How to avoid Blocklists and Content Filters
  3. How to Avoid Scam Attempts
  4. How to Protect Your computer
  5. Time Wasters
The Perils of the internet and what you can do to protect yourself.  One of the great traps is Craigslist.  It harbors so really bad people and some people that don't know what a real website costs to develop and lots of fake jobs.  I am sure that there may be some good there otherwise it would not be all over the world, but for my taste it's a seedy place to go to. 

Myers says "It's a Jungle our there.  And in the middle of the Internet jungle is a swap, just crawling with nasty critters you want to avoid...The perils and pitfalls of doing business online."
page 220 the first sentance from Success Stories of the Online Marketing Superstars by Meyerson.

He also states that every kind of person that exists offline exists online, but you have more exposure to more nasty people online because it's annonymous and you can't tell who you are doing business with or who reads your blogs.  One person can hit millions of emails with spam and cause havoc.  But doing business online and you get their email address, its a valuable thing and you want to make sure that you have their permission to send out emails to them, just as discussed in the previous post, build their trust and constantly delight them so you keep the romance going.  If they don't like your emails and you are sending them junk then they could report you to the man, like Cox, the internet provider and you will get locked out, no one will hear or see any of your emails.

Spam is mindless noise that drowns out meaningful conversation.  Spammers have software that very rapidly try enormous numbers of combinations of words and numbers before "@" sign.  They track what was refused and what is delivered.  This is called "dictionary attack."

You know most people would never dream of spamming yet they send out curious amounts of emails and you get labeled.  In the beginning build your own lists of prospects, one person at a time.  Never add anyone to a list yourself.  Let them do it.  Be very clear at the point where they sign up and what they will be getting into, how frequent they will be receiving emails from you.  Daily is too much maybe weekly or twice a month would be better.

Always run a virus checker and back up your information.  At first a virus that you accidentally opened up in an email would only affect you, but now it affects everyone that you have in your network and your contacts and then their contacts and so on.

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Email Blasts

Here are the two versions of the email blasts that partners a local business, Elite Transportation of Las Vegas, with the Las Vegas Red Carpet Events.

EOC Week 9

Chapter 17

Jimmy D. Brown
Mastering E-mail Marketing

Mr. Brown is the Web's leading authority on e-mail marketing.  He has developed an 8 hour home study course on the subject and is considered by many to be the most comprehensive program available on the subject. 

In this chapter we will learn about how to create a deep foundation, the five kinds of e-mail marketing, and the five kinds of tightly targeted sub lists.
Your business is a Skyscraper. 
"All are important, but none of them is as important as the foundation.  Every single level of your e-business is tied to the foundation.  And that foundation is e-mail marketing.  It is impossible to be successful online without some form of marketing via e-mail." page 192 of Success Stories of the Online Marketing Superstars by Meyerson.

It also must be a DEEP Foundation meaning "D" is for diverse, "E" is Effective, "E" is Educational, and "P" is proactive.  Only deal in sub lists have only one main database.  Dump people that don't respond after several months of e-mails that have been sent.  You want a core group of people that are active and will show up at the businesses that we target through our email program.  Targeted lists of 325 prescreened people can out sell a list of mixed and matched 500,000 subscribers of a website, because the targeted people are ready to buy.  Remember Quality is More Important than Quantity. "A list of those who will come to trust you and rely upon your recommendations is a quality list."  page 194.  Never, never, never put people on a list without asking their permission first or you will become a "spammer."

Take your time to do it right.  You're building a foundation and foundations are not built overnight, and the bigger the foundation the longer it takes to build.  One of the main problems states Mr. Brown is that people get impatient and they give up right before it happens.  Think viral in everything that you do.  "Here's the big key in building lists:  setting off a marketing virus that automatically brings in new subscribers on remote control."  page 197.  There are five types of targeted sub lists:
  1. Announcements
  2. More information which is a request from people responding to your email program.
  3. Registrations
  4. Partners
  5. Bonuses

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EOC Week 9

Chapter 12
Chris Murch
eBay-The World's Online Marketplace

Chris Murch is an eBay PowerSeller, which means he consistently sells over $1000 a month on eBay. He has two seller accounts and is the producer for eBay's official talk radio show, "eBay Radio" with host jim Griffith who wrote The Official eBay Bible and also helped write this chapter. In this chapter we will learn what eBay is, the five steps to selling on eBay and ten strategies to gain visibility for your listing.

Now, eBay has changed since the writing of this chapter and I will include a few things that I have experienced personally from buying on eBay. What eBay is a safe, secure site that connects buyers and sellers online. In this platform, for the most part people are very honest about the condition of the items they are selling. The ability to see the item with or without damages in actual or stock photography of products. The buyer pays nothing to eBay, it is the Seller that pays the cost of listing the item and a final value fee, or a small percentage of the sold price.

eBay has always been a "community" since 1995 when Pierre Omidyar posted on message boards items up for bid. It certainly is one of the best examples of an online success story. Some quick facts listed were:
  • Over 125 million registered users.
  • Found in 39 countries, a truly global market.
  • There were 647 million new listings added to worldwide in Q1-08. At any given time, there are approximately 115.3 million listings worldwide, and approximately 6.9 million listings are added per day. eBay users trade in more than 50,000 categories
  • Marketplaces has approximately 83.9 million active users worldwide.
  • Marketplaces net revenues totaled a record $1.48 billion in Q1-08, representing a year-over-year growth rate of 19 percent. With 45 percent from US operations and 55 percent from our International business. 
  • While is well-known for its auction format, users can also buy and sell in fixed-price formats, which accounted for 42 percent of total GMV during Q1-08.
  • At the end of Q1-08, hosted approximately 547,000 stores worldwide, with approximately 46 percent of stores hosted on eBay’s international sites.
  • eBay members worldwide have left more than 7 billion feedback comments for one another regarding their eBay transactions.
  • The most expensive item sold on eBay to date is a private business jet for $4.9 million.
These are all current facts and figures within the last couple of years as compared to the book found at this website:

Ten Tips to Understanding eBay
  1. You can browse on eBay without registering, but to bid, buy or sell, you need to be a registered user.  Which you must provide a user name and a valid email address.
  2. You need to have the latest browsers updated, be able to accept cookies so that the site will run with your previously entered information.
  3. There is a learning center for new and old eBay users.
  4. There is a "help" link on each page and a "Live Help" feature.
  5. Using the search feature takes a little practice with items listed in the millions. 
  6. Make sure you read thoroughly through the item description and make sure you are not being over charged on shipping.  Also compare other like items.
  7. Sign up for PayPal if you plan to buy on eBay all the time.
  8. Use the feedback system, it keeps people more honest because so many people use the system.
  9. Clean out the garage and start selling on eBay.  You never know when someone is looking for the rest of that amber glass collection from the 1950's that you only have half a set of.
  10. Never respond from emails that appear to be sent from eBay requesting account information.  They already have this information.
Five Tips to Selling on Ebay
"Obtain positive feedback ratings...Set up a PayPal account...Start selling something-anything...Clear and precise item description and picture...Listen to eBay radio."  page 141-142 of Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars by Meyerson.

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EOC Week 8

Chapter 11
John Paul Mendocha
Also known as Dr.Speed selling has spent 30 years of his life in sales, marketing, and consulting.  In this chapter we will go over speed selling techniques, how to dramatically improve sales, the linear sales process, and most importantly how to close and get someone to make a commitment.

      "Sales" has a bad name.  We can all think of negative experiences we have had with salespeople.  As a
       result, most people feel uncomfortable about selling.  And this fear is the source of many of their
       problem when trying to create success in their business.  Page 124 of Success Secrets of the Online Marketing 
       Superstars by Meyerson.

Nothing happens until something is sold.  There is no sale until you get a "no" or an objection, otherwise if you always received a "yes" that would be called order taking.  Mendocha states that most people are terrible at sales, and they aren't getting better, so what that means is that if you make a slight improvement it can make or break your business. " If you become good at sales, your sales will increase dramatically and you can dominate the market!" Page 124.

Buying Resistance means that you have to ask for the order nine times before someone will buy, so the buying resistance has doubled since the 1970's and the average salesperson has not improved.  Instead of asking the nine times they average asking 1.5 times, so they are doing a lousy job.  People buy on emotion and justify their purchase with logic.  Many people would like to think they buy on logic, but nothing could be further than the truth.  If we all bought logically it would be possible then for all of us to eat the same foods, shop at the same store, drive the same car, live in the same type of house. 

The four big questions in order to make sure that you are selling with emotion and then have the facts to justify logically why this is a good choice.  Ads use this thought process, will this product make me healthier, wealthier, sexier, or save me time?  Sales versus marketing.  Marketing generates leads to capture the attention of a suspect and give that suspect enough information so they can determine whether they have an interest in what it is you are selling and then identify themselves to you.  This makes them a prospect, and if you apply the correct marketing principles, a qualified prospect.  The role of sales is to gain commitment to take the qualified prospect and convert them to a customer.  This commitment may be in the form of opting in, requesting more information, or actually placing an order for your product or service.  It is important to understand a sale is about gaining commitment.