Thursday, June 17, 2010

Final Appraisal for Web Marketing, Spring of 2010

Final Appraisal for Web Marketing, Spring of 2010

From the point of registration last semester, I was told that this was going to be a very challenging class and that I should wait until I was about to graduate because it was going to use everything that I had in my bag of tricks to make it through this class. I will agree that it was a challenging class, with a lot of high expectations and it indeed used everything that I have learned in web design up until the tenth week of class. However, I am finding that it is more and more necessary to take Mr. Pinto’s classes in marketing and career development, because with each class I develop money making strategies that will only help improve my resume and my chances of either making it on my own as a freelancer or scoring the high profile position in web marketing. So much of what I need is to be able to find ways to make money and to apply the skills that I am learning in JavaScript, Action script 3, HTML and CSS. What is the point to taking these classes if you cannot apply them to some project that you could easily present to an employer and say this is what I can do?

To teach us how to seduce, delight, and get that carrot of an email on the end of the stick is what I learned. To quote the syllabus “…addressing the elements and requirements of information distribution, advertising, or sales in this new medium.” I believe whole heartedly is what I received and more. The choice of class book is excellent and easy to read. I liked reading together in class, rather than suffer it alone at home with no motivation. It’s like have a trainer for working out, they make sure they get the results that are needed always keeping the end goal of total fitness in mind. They know what the end looks like if you put the effort in and see it to the end instead of quitting. Mr. Pinto has surely whipped me into shape and having seen the previous movie obsession websites, I feel very confident in the efforts that I have put into the class will be rewarded.

This was the first time that I actually put something of my own creation up live on the web for the world to see, so this class “busted” my cherry on that note, and it was about time. Now I have three projects in the pipe that I will be making money on and it is all because I have the confidence in web marketing. When I talk to my new clients, I speak with confidence that I can raise their level of expectations and provide a full package that must also include social media networks and take advantage of cross positioning on partner sites.

The Midterm project and the Final Exam was the first class that I ever had that tied the two together to create one monster of a resume level piece. The concept is truly marketable and I don’t know why I couldn’t take this to another city and city and build a name for myself.

I wished we spent a little more time with social networking tie ins and not so much MySpace. I think that because Face Book is now everywhere that it should be included in the class. I am also glad that we did not use eBay.

For my grade Mr. Pinto, I will say that I deserve an “A” due to that I was diligent in working on the midterm and final every day, finishing my EOC’s on a timely manner, and my reading skills are awesome too, just kidding. I brought my hits up on both the corporate and movie obsession site from 60 hits to over 400 in just a couple of weeks just by changing my description for the website.  My only weakness was my MySpace and I can fix that, but I want to tie it in with a FaceBook page.